Smart Cars

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An animated system status icon of a self-driving car buffering.
Self-driving vehicle buffering.

“New Car Experiences” is a transdisciplinary research studio led by Ben Hooker in the Media Design Practices program at ArtCenter College of Design, in partnership with Intel Corporation, and Jaguar Land Rover. In collaboration with Aaron Fooshée, Divya Gaitonde, Maggie Hendrie, Hugo Pilate, Kati Rubinyi, Mike Tahani, Karl Walker, and Claire Xiaochen Yang.

A research inquiry examining and proposing speculative interfaces, terrains, routines, and experience scenarios that emerge within transportation systems that incorporate autonomous vehicles. The project was the first in a series of multi-disciplinary design inquiries as part of an educational partnership between Intel Corporation, Jaguar Land Rover, and Art Center College of Design.

Speculative experience sketching, parked autonomous vehicle as remote sensing device.
An animated illustration of a roadway with labeled smart car traffic.
Speculative terrain and network simulations, exploring new statuses, labels, territories, and relationships on autonomous roadways.
A phone screen displaying a text message conversation about a smart car.
Speculative iChat narrative sketches, concerning the social implications of autonomous vehicle accidents and inconveniences.